2016 Seo Aspects That Will Hurt Your Rankings.

website your site need to be varied (ie, from various sources, various types of content, and pointing to various destination pages), or it will become obvious to search engine algorithms that you’re artificially trying to manipulate your rankings. The reason that variety is important is that naturalness is important. Most should come from "common" sites along the same genre as your own site. Different links to different places on your site as single massive link building to your main URL will slowing defeat all of your work and effort.

Keywords aren’t quite “dead” in the idea that you can still use keyword research to come up with good content ideas, but you can pretty much forget the idea that keyword frequency matters. It’s a good idea to write content (and titles/descriptions) that accurately convey the ideas of your pages, but don’t needlessly stuff keywords into your content in an effort to rank higher. Keyword ratios are monitored and should focus pages aimed at natural keyword inclusion.

Lost links or pages not redirected. If you move or delete content, remember if there are links on the site to that content, they are now "DEAD LINKS" or "Broken Links" Properly redirect those back to a neutral page. Keeping the crawling spiders moving through your website and maintain the "link juice".

Local Seo is hard enough without making it even harder on yourself. Remember these tips and tricks get more info for getting the website rankings now and into the future.

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